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Friday, 06 May 2005

New category

I've created a new category in my blog for cool technical gadgets that I come across in the course of my work or play. Because I don't want to be accused of advertising and get struck off any Planets, I won't be feeding it Planet Debian or Planet Linux Australia.


Due to technical difficulties with the fakecat plugin for Blosxom, I'll be spamming all you Planet readers with my gadget posts. Sorry, I tried. It's vaguely product-reviewy as opposed to blatant advertising anyway.


Due to extreme responsiveness from fakecat's author, Planet Debian and Planet Linux Australia readers are now spared.

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I have a green helmet

No, I don't have a gangrenous penis.

Today, I was issued with my helmet as I had passed my first aid course.

For some reason, first aid officers get a green helmet. Chief fire wardens get a red helmet, floor wardens get a yellow one.

I'm not quite sure why someone who performs first aid requires a helmet. If I don't wear it, can I still provide first aid?

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