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Thursday, 19 May 2005

Holy crap, Canberra.pm had a meeting!

Earlier this month, Jacinta Richardson of Perl Training Australia fame emailed the Canberra Perl Mongers mailing list mentioning that Paul and herself would be in Canberra later in the month delivering some training, and was keen to have a dinner and talk.

This was met with good old apathy, and after a round of prodding, I decided I'd organise a dinner at Bernadette's in Ainslie.

There was something like 9 of us there. Paul gave a talk about Mason, and Jacinta gave a sneak preview of an upcoming Perl Security talk she's giving next month. Both talks were quite interesting, and Paul's talk got me thinking about demi again, and whether I should just stop trying to find time to learn Python, and write it in Perl with a Mason web interface instead.

I learned an interesting bit of trivia about the meaning behind the abbreviations for internationalisation (i18n) and localisation (l10n). The 18 and 10 are the number of letters between the "i" and the "n" and the "l" and the "n", respectively.

The private function room we had the dinner and presentations in worked quite well, and it was a good night.

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