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Wednesday, 04 May 2005

On the state of law and order in the Australian Capital Territory

So Sarah's car got broken into last night and her purse stolen.

It's bad enough that the theft occurred in a dense townhouse complex, to a car parked in a driveway metres from our front door, but when the police were called this morning, they weren't even interested in coming out to fingerprint the car.

As Sarah said to me today, it means thieves can just go about doing their thing with impunity if the police won't even attempt to follow them up.

You'd think with a place as small as Canberra, that if everyone knows someone who knows someone else (i.e. 2 degrees of separation), that the criminal population would have to be well known to the police. You'd think with a bit of a concerted effort, they'd be able to wipe out a lot of theft.

It reminds me of another time (Christmas Eve in fact) when we were living in Ainslie. We were woken at around the crack of midnight by a nearby house burglar alarm going off. After it continued making an ungodly noise for about 5 minutes, Sarah called the police attendance number, and the police weren't interested in coming out, even though there may have been a burglary in progress.

I told my mate Nick, who is a cop in Queensland about it, and he said that up there, they'd make it a priority to attend such a call, as it meant they could potentially nab a burglar "in the act".

ACT police are so lax.

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Star Wars day

"May the Fourth be with you".


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Drowning, not waving

To quote Mikal

It's just hit me this week that I'm not going to be able to just sail blithely through this semester and pop out the other end passing everything. It's just not going to happen. Steve's right, full-time work, part-time study is hard. (I mean, it's not like I haven't done it before, and I wasn't terribly successful back then).

I'm off to bury myself in a textbook. If you're looking for me most weeknights and weekends, try the University.

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