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Wednesday, 18 May 2005

Using bl.reynolds.net.au as a DNS RBL?

You might like to stop

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My brief run in with Open Source spreadsheets

Well I just tried to do (what I consider to be) a fairly basic thing I used to do a lot of in Excel, in both OpenOffice.org's Calc and Gnumeric.

That would be categorising my mobile phone bill.

In Excel, I'd turn on the auto filter, and then do an @SUM on the cost column. If I filtered by something in one of the other columns, the total at the bottom reflected the total for the current filter.

I can't seem to do this (at least not by doing the same sort of actions) in either Gnumeric or OpenOffice.

A further annoyance is that if I do use a filter, I cannot access beyond the bottom of the selected rows. So I can't add an @SUM at the bottom of the cost column after I've filtered. I can't even scroll any lower.

How annoying. (Oh and I do like how OpenOffice wants to ask me if I'd like to autosave. How polite. And useless)

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