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Friday, 06 November 2009

Whirlwind visit to Brisbane

Sarah's Mum is flying her back for the scattering of her grandmother's ashes, and I figured that as this will be her third trip back this year, and she's seen my family more than I have in the last 12 months, I should come as well.

So I'm getting my first opportunity to sample V Australia's service. I must say that flying Virgin America to LAX and then transferring to V Australia to fly direct to Brisbane seems like a fairly civilised way to do it. Anything that involves Virgin America is always a delight. My only complaints so far are that the SFO-LAX flight left late, and the check in line for V Australia in LAX was ridiculously slow given it was so short.

The time of the flight is pretty good - it leaves LAX at 10:30pm, so hopefully we'll get a semi-decent amount of sleep. It gets into Brisbane at 6:30am on Sunday, so we'll have to try and imitate the living dead for the day.

I'm heading back again on Saturday, as I have to be in Dallas next week for the Ubuntu Developer Summit.

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