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Thursday, 22 October 2009

Sarah's Trauma debut

The first episode of Trauma that Sarah was an extra in aired on Monday night.

I'd seen a news story about how they were looking for extras for it with medical experience, and Sarah had just completed her Certified Nurse Assistant course. I mentioned the news story to her, and she signed up.

Ironically, for the three episodes they've called her up for so far, the closest to using her medical experience is being a patient, and if you're lucky, you'll see her ankle.

Marc was kind enough to rip out some stills from his recording of the episode.

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Friday, 02 October 2009

Surprise! It's a Kylie concert

Sarah told me a while ago that she was planning an early birthday present for me, but it was going to be a surprise.

Last night, I found out what it was: tickets to see Kylie Minogue in concert at the Fox Theatre in Oakland.

I had no idea that Kylie hadn't done a US tour before. Last night's concert was her second one ever, and was only put on by popular demand (the night before was her first ever).

I've never seen Kylie live before and it was a great show. There was a DJ on stage for about 45 minutes prior to her starting. There were awesome lasers and lights, a live band, and excellent choreography. My only complaint was that the music tended to drown out her vocals a bit, but other than that, an excellent and totally unexpected night out.

We nearly saw her when we were in Prague last year and she happened to be performing at the same time we were there, but I think this was a much better deal: a smaller venue and cheaper tickets. The general admission area was all of the standing areas on three levels. We could have elbowed our way right to the edge of the stage if we'd wanted to.

The San Francisco Chronicle has a good review of her opening night.

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