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Wednesday, 06 August 2014

Day 189: Kindergarten, a bit more cleaning, a little bit of startup stuff, swimming

I felt a bit better today after a good night's sleep, but still not great. I had a lazy start to the day, blogging in bed about my recent geeky endeavours (of which I am very proud), until I remembered I had my chiropractor appointment.

Then I finished off the cleaning I didn't finish yesterday. I should have done some of my real estate licence study, but first I got side-tracked making my Chromecast work with Netflix (successfully, which also pleased me immensely), and then I did about an hour's worth of work on assessment for my real estate training, before it was time to get a massage.

I've been a little bit sore ever since my trampolining last week, so I've been particularly looking forward to today's massage.

After that I caught up with Anshu for lunch, and then we picked up Zoe from Kindergarten.

She seemed to be doing better today, and said she was up for her swim class, so after a brief play at home, we all headed out to the pool. After we got back, Anshu had to head out to babysit for a friend, and I started on dinner.

Zoe was pretty tired, so I got her to bed a bit early without any fuss. Hopefully she sleeps well tonight.

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