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Thursday, 29 May 2014

Day 120: Mini-golf, a man cold and some haircuts

I seem to have managed to come down with the beginnings of a head cold. It was rather amazing how quickly it hit me last night while I was watching the State of Origin. Thankfully it didn't impact my sleep noticeably.

Zoe showed some interest in tooling around with a putter at the Easter egg hunt at the Bulimba Golf Course on Easter Sunday, so I thought she might enjoy a round of mini-golf. I discovered that the Victoria Park Golf Complex had a very nice 18 hole mini-golf course, and it's only 12 minutes from home, so we headed over there this morning, after I got hopped up on pseudo-ephedrine.

It's quite a nice facility, which I never knew existed. There's great views of the city skyline and it's what I'd call a "serious" mini-golf course. It was all astroturfed, with no windmills or other obstacles, but a lot of inclines and declines. Groovy music was piped all over the place.

Zoe had a good time. We didn't try scoring, and it ended up being a bit more like croquet than golf, but it was a beautiful day out in the fresh air and sunshine, all for the princely sum of $11. At the end Zoe asked if she could come back, so I'll take that as an endorsement that she enjoyed it.

We got home, had some lunch and a bit of quiet time, and then I thought I'd see if we could get haircuts, and managed to snag appointments at 4:30pm, so after a pretty quiet afternoon in, we biked the long way to the hair dresser. We biked home, and had dinner and that was about it for the day.

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