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November 2006
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Sunday, 19 November 2006

The cultural acclimatisation continues

One of Sarah's co-workers at VMware invited us to a "no so very thanksgiving" Thanksgiving dinner/shindig at her house this weekend.

One of the other co-workers had a relative with a liquor store that had some surplus kegs of beer, so there was a keg there as well.

Turns out from conversation that one of the things that happens in College (or maybe it's a Frat-house thing) is the keg stand. This involves one doing a handstand on top of the beer keg, whilst two other people hold you up there, and third person shoves the hose in your mouth and you drink until beer comes out of your ears or something. Mmm, hygienic.

Anyway, somehow it was decided that that had to be done, and the key who brought the keg was only going to do it if someone else would do it, so I volunteered, to see what all the fuss was about.

It wasn't terribly eventful. No beer came out of my nose. I don't think I got exceptionally pissed from it, either. I think it's got mythical status for rapid intoxication like drinking through a straw supposedly has.

So now I know what a keg stand is, first hand.

Everyone was very polite at the party. We couldn't stand around for very long without other people introducing themselves to us. It was nice. Turns out it's a small world, and we met Carol, who knew Kate, the receptionist in my building at work.

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