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Wednesday, 08 February 2006

Donated blood

Google does a lot of nice things for its employees, and its good to be able to pass that on when the opportunity arises.

Today, the American Red Cross visited the 'plex, and I made a donation. I think they did pretty well out of Googlers today, and it'd be cool if they published some statistics on how many donated, and how many litres/gallons of blood they got out of it, and some sort of statistic on how many people that is likely to help.

I haven't donated blood in Australia for ages. Come to think of it, I don't think I've ever donated in Canberra, it was too inconvenient, and the Canberra Blood Bank didn't seem to have the same sense of urgency about it that the Brisbane one did.

Certainly it was a very similar experience to donating in Brisbane. The usual questionnaire as long as your arm. The iron/red blood cell count. The main differences I noted were that they actually asked you all the questions in your interview, rather than asking you to fill out a form beforehand and going through any red flags with you. They also spun the pipette of blood to get a red cell count, rather than using copper sulphate and looking at the colour change (apparently it's a cost thing).

For the actual donation, they didn't use a rocker thingy like the Australian Red Cross did, they just let the bag hang there beside me while it filled.

Apparently they come out every four months or so, so I'll be happy to donate again given it's so convenient. I'd often mused about seeing if the Red Cross mobile donation unit could come to our workplace in Australia, but I doubted there'd be enough takers.

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