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January 2006
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Sunday, 08 January 2006

Hell yeah

We are so doing this. Blows away these guys on cost.

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We're currently a rabbit foster home

As previously mentioned, Sarah is doing some volunteer work at a local animal shelter.

Somehow a baby rabbit arrived at the shelter. Rumour has it that it was the offspring of a stray, but that still doesn't explain how it ended up there. Anyway, apparently there was a sign up in the tea room or something, asking if anyone could take it for a few weeks until it got big enough to be re-homed.

So we have a rabbit for a few weeks. I don't mind rabbits, but give me a cat any day. We babysat our Canberra neighbours' pet dwarf lop on a number of occasions. Three weeks will probably be long enough for the novelty value to wear off having this one, though. Rabbits just aren't interactive enough. They don't vocalise. Being prey, they're genetically flighty at the best of times. They also tend to chew cables, so you have to supervise them when they're out of their cage.

Anyway, we've named her Maybelline, because she has panda eyes, as if she's had eyeliner on and it's run. She's very small and cute. She's rapidly becoming more used to us, and tolerating being patted and handled.

Maybelline the rabbit Maybelline the rabbit

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An outing on the light rail

Today, we took a day off unpacking and ventured to San Jose on the light rail, of which Whisman station is an easy walk from our place.

It was quite a fun outing. An adult "single trip" ticket cost $1.75, and was a good 2 hours travel. So technically, if you could get to where you were going and back again in 2 hours, more power to you.

The light rail itself is like a hybrid tram/train sort of thing. It's two cars long, and sometimes goes onto the road, and other times is separate to the road (but always on rails). It stops only when required to pick up passengers, or when a passenger on board indicates they'd like to get off, so presumably this makes the timetable as variable as a bus. On the way to San Jose it didn't stop at a lot of stations.

It also has cool bike racks on board. You stow your bike vertically, hanging it from the front wheel. I foresee a few further-afield cycling excursions in the future.

The trip to downtown San Jose took about 50 minutes each way, and took us through a real who's who of Silicon Valley. We saw so many names...

In San Jose, we popped into The Tech, just to see if it was open next Monday (Martin Luther King holiday), as we will have a guest with us, and discovered that today had free entry as SBC was paying for everyone to come in, so we thought we might as well go in, being free and all.

There seemed to be a few more exhibits on line compared to last time I went with Michael, and Sarah enjoyed herself. We also had the obligatory Segway ride, and then headed home.

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