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January 2005
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Sunday, 30 January 2005

Migrating enforcement modules is easier

This morning I migrated a Firewall-1 enforcement module in my test enviroment. This was a hell of a lot easier than the previous migration of the management server.

This probably stems from the fact that an enforcement module is really just a container for a security policy, as pushed from a management server. All I had to do was manually transfer the licence, and reset the Secure Internal Communication (SIC).

So my first real live migration is being presented at today's change control meeting, and I think that gets sent to a higher level change control meeting on Wednesday, so if it is approved at both of these, I should be right to go the week after next. I just have to keep myself occupied in the meantime. I'm going to Melbourne for the day next Tuesday to attend an AUUG junket.

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