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Tuesday, 11 January 2005

changelogs.debian.net moved

As I'm soon to be moving, and my ADSL will be out of action for $DEITY knows how long, I've moved changelogs.debian.net from running on caesar at home to daedalus in Brisbane. Hopefully the transition has been transparent. I'll leave it running on caesar for a while until the DNS updates.

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Open house

Because we're moving out, and our landlord Dave is going to have total strangers renting his house instead of a former co-worker, his partner and a random, he's decided that as he's in Singapore, he'll use a real estate agent to let the place.

I got a phone call from said real estate agent yesterday, saying that a prospective new tenant that had looked at the place previously wanted to have another look with his prospective co-tenant mates. I told her that 6:30pm on Tuesday would be okay.

So what seems to have happened is she's subsequently told all other interested punters to go around and have a look at the place at 6:30pm on Tuesday. Here we all are expecting to show the house to three people, and instead, more cars than you can poke a stick at are lined up on the kerb at 6:25pm. We had about 30 people traipse through the house. It was quite an unsettling experience having that many people wandering around the house looking at everything. Hopefully they'll get enough applications from that lot so we won't have to endure another such exhibition. The rental market must be pretty hot at the moment.

Still, I can't see why anyone would rent this place when for exactly the same money you can have this place instead...

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