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January 2005
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Sunday, 02 January 2005

New, non-RC dstat uploaded

Martin Godisch kindly helped resolve bug #283019 by uploading a version of sleuthkit with /usr/bin/dstat renamed to /usr/bin/diskstat, and I have uploaded a version of dstat that conflicts with all previous versions of sleuthkit, and mentions where to find Sleuthkit's dstat in its manpage.

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Home again

Just got home. We left Brisbane yesterday morning, and drove to Port Macquarie (we went via the Pacific Highway this time for a change of scenery). We camped in a caravan park (it was very hard to find one with any vacancies) and discovered that the tent pegs seem to have become separated from the rest of the tent since the last time it was used.

Fortunately, using a rock, the picnic table at the caravan park, some miscellaneous Christmas presents and the car, we were able to secure the fly on the tent making what I called "Camp Bodgey". Luckily the weather held out and it wasn't too windy, or we might have had a bad night...

We briefly stopped off in Newcastle for lunch with Elise (Michael was asleep because he had worked the night before). Traffic was significantly heavier than on the New England highway on the way up. The overtaking lanes north of Newcastle were all closed for some unfathomable reason, really slowing down the traffic. It took us 16 hours and 1208 kilometres, including the time spent for lunch in Newcastle, and the kilometres running around Port Macquarie.

The car's clutch survived, fortunately. My brother, who is a mechanic, reckons it doesn't have much left in it.

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