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September 2004
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Friday, 03 September 2004

changelogs.debian.net breakage

I just realised that changelogs.debian.net had broken, and didn't think it was terribly good to discover this by accident, so I wrote a quick Nagios plugin to keep an eye on it for me. While I was at it, I rejigged the script that keeps the copy of sid's Sources file up to date. It now uses rsync, and shouldn't have to redownload the whole thing every night.

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Two down, one to go...

Sat the mid-semester for MATH1005 today.

I don't think I'll do anything too spectacular - pass or fail. Hopefully a mediocre pass. Given that I really didn't get much of an opportunity to put in a lot of study, that's all I can expect.

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I was driving home from the gym this morning when I heard on the radio about how our very own Miss Universe, Jennifer Hawkins, had a rather embarrassing wardrobe malfunction, stepping on her dress and pulling it off, revealing her G-string clad arse. Cracked me up.

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