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Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Day 328: Park fun

I didn't have a lot planned today, except for showing my first customer my favourite food wholesaler at around lunch time, so after Sarah dropped Zoe off, we gave her free reign over what we did.

She said she wanted to go to the same park we went to last time, which I misinterpreted as Love Street park in Bulimba. So we set off on foot for the park.

It turned out she really wanted to go to the West End park again, which was fine, because we could go there in the afternoon after lunch. At the Love Street park, we ran into one of the boys who will be going to her school next year, who went to her day care last year, and one of the boys from her Kindergarten, so that was nice to run into some familiar faces. It was while we were at this park that I received the sad news that Bryce had passed away.

After a bit of a play in the park, we walked back home again, and drove over to West End, picked up my customer, showed her the food wholesaler, dropped her back at work and then returned to the food wholesaler to grab a few bits and pieces and have some lunch.

After lunch, we went to the park at West End, and then we went back home again.

Anshu went home, and then I put the Nightmare Before Christmas on for Zoe, which she watched until Sarah came to pick her up.

Since I've been failing miserably to go for runs in the morning, I thought I'd try going for an evening run, so I did an atrocious 5 km run.

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