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Thursday, 14 August 2014

Day 197: Ekka outing

I started the day with a yoga class. It was good to be back. I missed last week's class because I was under the weather, and was really missing yoga. It was just me and one other student this morning, so it was nice.

I picked up Zoe from Sarah's place this morning. She was a bit wrecked from an outing to the Ekka yesterday with Sarah, but adamant that she wasn't tired, and still wanted to go to the Ekka with me today.

I decided that given she was up for it, and tomorrow's schedule didn't really permit going, it had to be today or bust, so I figured we'd just go and take it gently, and go home at the first sign of trouble.

The day worked out perfectly fine. We caught the train in, and stopped at the animal nursery first. Zoe got to hand feed some lambs, goats and calves, as well as hold a baby chicken.

The main goal for the day was the rides, so we headed over there, after I'd gotten propositioned by the Surf Life Savers for a raffle ticket, and located some fairy floss for Zoe. Suitably sugared up, we hit the kids rides area.

I'd prepurchased a $40 ride card, at a $5 discount, and tried to impress upon Zoe that once it was exhausted, we were done with the rides. She seemed to get that. I did less well with convincing her to check out everything on offer before we started blowing money on rides.

The first thing she wanted to go on was the Magic Circus, which they mercifully only charged us entry for one on. It was a pretty cool multi-level physical sensory sort of thing. It was fun to go with her.

After that we waited in line for an eternity for bungy trampoline. This was where I wished we'd scouted around a bit first, because we waited in line for ages for a single trampoline, where there were another four standing idle a bit further down. I used the wait to grab a bit of food and share it with Zoe.

Next, we went on the dodgem cars. That was heaps of fun. Zoe couldn't reach the pedal, but she could steer (with a little bit of help occasionally). She seems to really enjoy rides where she gets thrown around. She's going to be a total adrenaline junkie when she's bigger I think.

What I thought was going to be her last ride was the Big Bubble Bump, those big air-inflated balls on a wading pool. She was very keen for that one, and the line was short. She had lots of fun tumbling all over the place.

With a little bit of extra assistance, we managed to squeeze one more go on the Magic Circus out of the ride card, which made her very happy.

After the obligatory strawberry sundae, she was pretty much done, and we'd managed to avoid the rain, so we headed home. I thought she was going to fall asleep on the train on the way home, but she didn't, and perked up by the time we got home. I tried to convince her to nap in my bed while I read a book, but she ended up just playing with Smudge while I read for a bit.

After the quiet time, we went for a scooter ride around the block, via the Hawthorne Garage, to collect some produce for making a fresh batch of vegetable stock concentrate, and then Sarah arrived to pick Zoe up.

It was a really good day, and Zoe went really well. I bet she crashes tonight.

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