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Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Day 195: Kindergarten, tennis, play date

Today should have have been more focused on my real estate licence training than it was, but live intruded.

Zoe had a good sleep, almost bang on 11 hours. She was happy but very congested when she woke up. Today was pajama day at Kindergarten, and she was very excited. As I result, I got her to Kindergarten quite quickly.

After I got home, I gave Zoe's bunk bed drawers another coat of sealant and by the time I was done with that, I pretty much had to jump on a bus to the city for a lunch meeting. I got a tiny bit of work done on my next course assessment on the bus.

After my lunch meeting I jumped in a taxi back home to meet with my Thermomix Group Leader to give her my application to become a consultant and then it was time to pick up Zoe from Kindergarten.

I almost got to Kindergarten before I realised that in my haste, I hadn't grabbed a change of clothes for Zoe to do tennis in. Fortunately I'd repacked her spare clothes for Kindergarten that morning, so after some brief dithering, I decided to run with that set of clothes. It worked out okay.

I think with tennis, it's a battle between being hungry after Kindergarten and tired after Kindergarten. Zoe did a better job of being focused, but still was ready to pack it in a little bit before the end of class. Still fighting off a cold can't have helped either. Next week I'll try and remember to bring a quick snack for her to eat between Kindergarten and tennis.

Zoe was desperate for Megan to come over for a play date after tennis. Jason had some stuff to do first, so we came home, and Zoe watched a bit of TV, and then Jason dropped Megan off and dashed off to Bunnings for a bit.

I ended up having dinner ready by the time he was due back, so I suggested they all stay for dinner, which they did, and then they went home afterwards.

Zoe was pretty tired, so I got her to bed a bit early.

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