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Monday, 11 August 2014

Day 194: Kindergarten, random household stuff

I had grand plans of going for a run this morning before I got stuck into my day. The fact that I don't even remember my alarm going off, or turning it off and then waking up an hour later shows that I'm still not quite over my cold. I did feel better for the sleep in though.

After I got started, I applied the last coat of sealant to the drawers under Zoe's bed (that's a story for another time) and then decided to get stuck into cleaning the front balcony, which looks a bit like a craft shop exploded on it.

I stopped for lunch and then did some more mopping before it was time to pick up Zoe from Kindergarten.

After I picked her up, we popped over to Bunnings to grab some more sealant and a drop cloth, and also dropped past Overflow. I found the sort of cat water thing that I've been wanting for Smudge, and Zoe got all excited about a number 4 sparkler.

I'm also trying to track down a plush soccer ball-sized ball for kicking around the garage downstairs, without luck. We dropped into K Mart and couldn't find one, but Zoe wanted every doll in sight. We bumped into one of Zoe's Kindergarten teachers on the way out of the shopping centre. Zoe's very excited about pajama day tomorrow.

By the time we got home, it was pretty much time to start dinner. I finished off mopping the balcony first, while Zoe watched some TV.

Zoe had a really good dinner tonight. She tends to do pretty well with my Meatless Monday dinners. The zucchini fritters are always popular, and go well in her lunch box the next day too.

She's still a bit congested, but her cough is definitely improving.

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