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Thursday, 07 August 2014

Day 190: Hand casting, rock climbing and a play date

We had a pretty busy day today, even though we didn't do that much. Between some strange lower back pain and my cold, I felt pretty wiped out by mid-afternoon.

Zoe slept pretty well. She woke up around 6am, but given I put her to bed a bit early, that wasn't entirely unexpected.

I capitalised on having some extra adult help, and after breakfast, we had another attempt at taking a mold of Zoe's hand. With some more accurate scales and a little more care mixing it up, we were much more successful this time. We poured some plaster of Paris into the mold and left it to set while we went rock climbing.

It was good to go to Rocksports with another adult. It meant I could squeeze in a couple of climbs myself, and there was someone else to take photos while Zoe climbed. Zoe did pretty well again, going progressively higher every time she attempted a climb, but wanting to come down before making it to the top.

After a late lunch at home, we took the cast of Zoe's hand out of the mold. It turned out pretty well for our first full attempt. I had to have her curl her fingers slightly when it was being made so it would fit in the alginate, and unfortunately the plaster didn't properly file into all the fingers properly, so there's some air bubbles in the tips of a couple of her fingers, but failing that, the detail isn't too bad at all. Zoe was pretty impressed with the result. I think there should be enough alginate left for one more attempt.

After that, we headed around to Megan's house for a play date and to check on the progress of the house extensions.

Anshu headed home from there, and not longer afterwards, Zoe and I headed back so I could start dinner.

Zoe was pretty tired from her big morning of climbing, so I put her to bed early again.

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