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Friday, 01 August 2014

Day 184: Random fun, trampolining, Hawthorne Markets

Today I had planned to take Zoe up to Sunshine Castle, which is apparently bigger than it was when I went as a kid, but she wasn't interested in going, so I decided not to push it.

So after watching a bit of TV, and us having some random play (pillow fights!), I hunted around for an indoor trampoline place, and got very lucky in discovering BOUNCEinc had just opened a location in Tingalpa.

Zoe watched a video on their website with me, and was up for it without any argument.

We got out there for the 11am session. It's a massive facility. I'm not sure if it was purpose built, or if it's just a repurposed industrial shed, but it's all new and shiny, only having opened in May. Zoe, being under 110cm, was limited to using the "big bag" and a smaller, netted off section of the "free jumping" area, but that was plenty for us. Today was an unseasonably warm winter's day, and it got pretty hot. I can see the place being a veritable sauna in summer unless they do something about actively cooling it, which given the size will be quite an undertaking.

We had a really good time, and an hour was definitely enough. Zoe's favourite area was definitely the big bag, and I liked it too. Zoe was a hot, tired, hungry and grumpy little girl by midday. She wanted quesadillas for lunch, so we stopped by the Garage on the way home to grab what we needed and had a late lunch at home.

As we were going to go to the Hawthorne Markets that evening, I managed to convince Zoe to take a nap. Her cough seems to have returned with a vengeance though, and she coughed in her sleep all the way through her nap.

Zoe woke up with enough time to have some afternoon tea and get ready to walk down for the start of the markets. She was dying for Megan to come out as well, but Jason had forgotten about it, and said they weren't coming out, which disappointed Zoe immensely. Much to our pleasant surprise, the whole family did end up coming out, and Zoe was very happy to hang out with Megan.

We walked back home and I managed to get Zoe to bed reasonably close to normal time. I hope her cough doesn't give her too much grief overnight.

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