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Thursday, 10 July 2014

Day 162: Trampoline, zoo and more time in the pool

Zoe woke up at around her usual 1:30am, with her mosquito bites troubling her. It seems that it's always around 1:30am that they interrupt her sleep. I put some cream on them and put her back to sleep in my bed.

I think at about 3:30am I awoke to find Vincent at the foot of my bed whispering something I couldn't make out. After I woke up enough to realise what was going on, I tried to talk to him, but he got upset and left. I decided to let him go.

Zoe woke up at around 7am, and went in to Vincent's room and found Henner asleep in there with him, and came back to my room, so it sounds like it was a fun night all round. Hopefully tonight will go better.

After breakfast, Susanne dropped Vincent's little sister Greta off at day care, and Zoe and Vincent had a great time on Vincent's trampoline. I joined in with them for a while and we had much fun just mucking around on the trampoline.

After that, we were going to go somewhere (I've forgotten), but ran into traffic from President Obama's visit, so we aborted that and went to the Austin Zoo and Animal Sanctuary (it's amazing how much my muscle memory wants me to type "Zoe" when I try to type "Zoo").

It was a pretty decent Zoo. Not huge, but not half-baked either. They had a god collection of big cats, with the tigers being pretty accessible. It was hot, in the 35°C range, but the lack of humidity made the heat quite tolerable. Zoe had a lot of fun feeding some (very large) goats.

We had what felt like one of the most long miniature train rides that I've ever had, for the price of $2.50 a ticket, and then headed off to get some sandwiches for lunch.

After lunch, Vincent and Zoe had a splash around in the "splash pad" of a strip mall near Henner and Susanne's house, and then after an ice cream we went home and jumped in the pool.

Another nice day in Austin. I put Zoe to bed early again without any fuss. Hopefully the mosquito bites won't give her grief tonight.

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Day 161: Atlanta to Austin

Yesterday was a pretty full day. We were up relatively early to head to the airport for a 10am flight. Chris dropped us off at about 8:30am. Check in was pretty quick, and I had the most amazing TSA experience I've ever had.

I think we must have gotten randomly opted into TSA Pre✓ or something, because I didn't have to take my laptop out of my bag or remove my shoes. It was amazing. We were through security in a matter of minutes. I was so astounded I almost felt the need to find a supervisor and thank them.

We made it to our gate comfortably before boarding time. Unfortunately I hadn't managed to convince Zoe to have a good breakfast, so she was already complaining of being hungry. I didn't want to miss the opportunity to pre-board by going to forage for food, so we just had to ride it out.

After we boarded and were about to push back, the plane's auxiliary power conked out. I was worried the plane was going to be broken and we've have to get off and wait for a new one, but fortunately they managed to just hook it up to gate power and restart it and we continued with our departure without it being too much later than scheduled.

The cabin crew took a while to start the refreshments, and Zoe was politely reminding me every 30 seconds that she was still hungry. The refreshments started, and then while they were half a dozen rows in front of us, the pilot announced we were heading for some turbulence and they were suspending the beverage service. Poor Zoe was very disappointed, but handled it very well.

We eventually got our snacks and drinks, which tided her over until we arrived in Austin. Susanne and Vincent sailed up to the kerb just as we emerged from the terminal, so it was very good timing.

Zoe and Vincent got along like long lost best friends. It was a battle to get Zoe to eat lunch, she was so distracted.

After some lunch and a splash around in the pool, Vincent's swim teacher arrived to give him a lesson. Zoe had been invited to join in as well, and after a few minutes watching and hesitating, she joined in. Having the swim teacher do in-home one on one lessons is awesome.

I put Zoe down to bed about half an hour earlier than normal, because that was Vincent's bedtime, and they were sharing a room. I figured with all the day's excitement, she could use the extra sleep anyway.

Austin is delightfully warm and dry. I think it was around 34°C and not much humidity. The pool was a great place to be.

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