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Monday, 30 June 2014

Day 152: Mostly trip preparation

We had a pretty quiet day today, as I was still trying to kick the dregs of my man cold, and it was cold with a howling wind outside.

The first thing we did when Sarah dropped Zoe off was assemble the IKEA bookshelf I got for her room on the weekend. She now has four shelves instead of two, and so now her books don't have to be precariously balanced on top of another set of shelves. Zoe seemed to enjoy helping me put it together.

After that, we popped out to the bank to sort out some US dollars. The Cash Passport has evolved significantly since we first moved to the US, and the Traveller Card is a pretty nice product.

After a stop at the pharmacy to stock up on pseudo-ephedrine for the flight and a stop at the post office to put the mail on hold, we came back home and put a bunch of the Woolworths Jamie's Garden stickers in Zoe's sticker album.

After that, a lot of TV was watched, and I alternated between watching TV with Zoe and packing. I can now say that I've watched the pilot for the Muppet Show. It wasn't that good. I think I'm on top of the packing, and am generally feeling organised for the trip. The one thing I haven't done yet is book a rental car for the drive from Austin to Dallas on the way home.

Anshu came over for dinner, and I managed to get Zoe to bed a bit early, which should help get us going early in the morning, when Sarah picks us up to take us to the airport.

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