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Thursday, 26 June 2014

Day 148: Car washes, play dates and haircuts

We had one of those comfortably full days today.

Zoe slept really well last night, almost 12 hours. Her cough seems to be markedly better in terms of frequency, but it still sounds pretty bad when she does cough.

We had a leisurely start to the day, and went to the car wash first. Hoppy's Handwash Cafe is a far cry from Lozano's brushless Car Wash (which doesn't even appear to run to a website, it's so low budget). Hoppy's by comparison costs the bomb, but is quite the fancy establishment, with iPads littered all over the place for your (or in my case, your kid's) entertainment, while a display informs you of the progress of your car being washed. It also features a mid-range cafe. Hey, they have babyccinos. I discovered today that they even have some sort of "gun" where you can shoot something at the cars as they travel along the conveyor belt. Not sure if shooting at the staff is encouraged.

Zoe discovered all the windows today as we were trying to leave, so we had to spend some extra time watching how the sausage was made car was washed.

On the way home, we picked up some stuff from the Hawthorne Garage to make guacamole. I forgot the tomato, so we had to walk back once we got home.

Zoe's friend Frankie from Kindergarten was coming for lunch, with her Mum Zhenya and little brother Hardy. Hardy was a bit knackered after his swim class, so they ended up coming an hour later than planned, but we killed the time watching Swedish Chef videos on Youtube (Zoe's idea).

Frankie and her Mum and brother arrived for lunch, and I whipped up some chicken quesadillas to go with the guacamole. The kids all had a great time playing after lunch. Today I learned about cardboard box rivets from Zhenya, so I can see some of them in our future.

Zoe and Frankie did a spot of baking after lunch, and then they headed off.

I managed to book in haircuts for both of us in the afternoon, so after a bit of a clean up, we walked to the hairdresser and got our haircuts and then walked home again.

I was feeling lazy, so we had some frozen leftovers for dinner (the real excuse is the dishwasher was still going and the Thermomix bowl was in it).

I got Zoe to bed on time without much of a peep.

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