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Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Day 146: A unexpected Zoe-free day, and lots of startup stuff as a result

Zoe apparently coughed all night last night, so Sarah decided to keep her home from Kindergarten today. We had a bit of a chat this afternoon about whether or not it could be asthma, and have set up a shared diary to keep track of her symptoms for a while.

I got stuck into my real estate course today, and finished off the final bit of assessment that has been dogging me for one module, and completed another module and its assessment, and am half way through the next module after that.

Smudge had her annual check up from the vet. Dr Anthony came out this time, and he was really lovely. He spent about 45 minutes here, and gave Smudge a very thorough examination and a vaccination. I'm really impressed by their service. It beats trying to wrangle a cat in the car to the vet. It was too bad that Zoe wasn't here this afternoon, because I thought she would have enjoyed watching.

I also finally managed to get some traction talking to Origin Energy about getting the building's hot water heater replaced, so hopefully cold showers in the morning will soon be a thing of the past. The state sales manager for retrofits came out and talked to me and looked at the plant and is going to send through a proposal soon.

I've moved my fortnightly evening yoga class to Tuesdays to better fit in with Anshu's amateur theatre schedule, so I'm looking forward to topping off a productive day with a good yoga session.

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