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Monday, 23 June 2014

Day 145: Kindergarten, random stuff and looking after Charlie

Zoe woke up a bit early this morning at 5:38am. We snuggled in bed for a while, but I don't think there was any more sleep.

She's been coughing constantly since yesterday, and I took her to school in the car to keep her out of the cold air. I debated whether to send her at all, but she was in good spirits, and we had to bring Charlie home after Kindergarten.

I had a call with the Family Relationship Centre at 9:30am, and so I mostly faffed around until that happened, and then felt pretty listless afterwards, so I didn't get a whole lot of anything significant done today. I did pull together some numbers needed to file what I expect to be my last FBAR. That is one thing I will most definitely not miss about having any connection with the US.

I'd offered to help out Charlie's parents, Odette and Julian, while their daughter with cystic fibrosis was in hospital for treatment, by picking up Charlie after Kindergarten. Today was a day they took me up on the offer, so Charlie came home with us. I keep thinking of Charlie bit my finger.

He was fine with the whole thing, despite not having really had much to do with me prior to today. The most complicated part of the whole thing was trying to get his car seat into my car. He seemed quite excited to be coming home with Zoe. I might need my shotgun sooner than I thought.

I was a bit unsure of how to entertain a boy, but he was pretty easy going. He was happy to pat Smudge and follow Zoe around. They were pretty quiet in her room, and when I looked in on them, they were sitting on the bed together and Charlie was watching Zoe play a game on her tablet.

They did a bit of painting together, and then I busted out the Kinetic Sand, which hasn't seen any use for months, and that kept them occupied for a good amount of time. They watched a little bit of TV and then Julian arrived to pick him up. It was all pretty easy really.

I managed to get Zoe a doctor's appointment that dovetailed nicely with the afternoon's schedule, so we headed over to see him. He said her chest sounded clear. For the last couple of doctor's visits there's been a lot of talk about asthma, given I had it as a child. He prescribed her a Flixotide inhaler. It's just so hard to tell if it's asthma, or a post-nasal drip-related cough that's hanging around. I'm a bit paranoid about letting an untreated cough go for too long lest it wind up being bronchitis.

Since we were already out in the car, I dropped Zoe around to Sarah's place.

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