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Saturday, 14 June 2014

I have new respect for the humble cup of coffee

This morning I did a three hour barista course with Barista Basics. I'd found them in my Entertainment Book with a 25% discount coupon.

At one point I had a crazy business idea that revolved around coffee, so I thought I'd find out a bit more about making it. Google was littered with fancy espresso machines that I'd never known how to use, and I was never much of a coffee drinker anyway, but now I wish I'd at least known how to use the machines that were freely at my disposal. Oh well.

It was a really great course, and I didn't have time to even check the clock until we had 30 minutes left. I have a lot of respect for baristas now, and what they have to juggle to crank out coffee orders. The course was lots of fun, and I really wish I could get some more time on an espresso machine now!

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Day 135: Kinderballet, a trip to the Sciencecentre and Kindy disco

Wow, yesterday was a full day. I didn't have the energy to write it up until today.

Zoe woke up at 5am for reasons unknown. She snoozed with me for about an hour at 6am, so I think I got a bit of a snooze in there as well.

I had another package to pick up from the post office and another errand to run on the way to Kinderballet. This time we made it to Kinderballet nice and early.

I didn't have a lot to get done during Kinderballet, and I hadn't bothered to bring my book, so it was nice to have a little bit of time to just goof off on the Internet on my phone.

After Kinderballet, we went directly to the Hawthorne ferry terminal. Parking was dreadful, but we managed to snag a park that wasn't too much of a walk to the ferry.

Eva and Layla, and their Mum, Tanya, met us there about 10 minutes later, and we all took the CityCat over to Southbank.

It was pretty much lunch time by the time we arrived at the museum, so after I'd renewed our Sciencecentre annual membership (which sadly from an efficiency stand point was more a case of taking out a whole new one all over again), we went to the cafe and had lunch.

After lunch, we made our way to the Sciencecentre, with a brief detour through the museum. The girls all had fun in the Sciencecentre.

I had to pick up my race pack for the City2South after we were done, so we went via the Convention Centre on the way back to the CityCat. I actually learned that the Convention Centre and the Exhibition Centre are two separate things, with one being accessible from Grey Street and the other (the one I needed to be at) being accessible from Merivale Street, which was more of a walk away. I left Zoe with Tanya and the girls while I hurried over.

The cunning marketers had made it so you had to take the walk of shame through the free "lifestyle expo" they were holding before your timing bib was activated, so that further dragged out the whole process by a couple of minutes while I scurried through the expo.

I got back to the girls and we made our way back to the CityCat, narrowly missed a one by about 20 metres. It was certainly an exercise in cat herding with the three girls.

By the time we got back to Hawthorne, it was 4:30pm, and we were supposed to be at Zoe's Kindergarten disco by 5pm. We hurried home, rendezvoused with Anshu, did a quick change, and then hurried over to Norman Park State School where the disco was.

I'd volunteered to help out with the running of the disco, and was in charge of collecting the $5 entry fee from families. At some stage Sarah arrived, so I handed off Zoe to her and they spent most of the time in the disco itself, after we all had some pizza outside the hall.

I did manage to poke my head in at the wrong time and get volunteered by the DJ to be one of the parents on stage leading the Macarena. I can't say I've voluntarily done the Macarena before...

It was a fun night, and Zoe enjoyed herself. I was able to do a lot of preemptive packing up while the disco was still going on, and everyone left before the advertised 7:30pm finishing time. Anshu and I were out of there by 7:20pm, and we went over to visit my Mum in hospital.

I was well and truly wrecked by the time we got to bed. It was a long and busy day.

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