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Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Day 133: Kindergarten, cleaning, a play date and a bump on the head

I felt flat this morning, and so when it was cold, dark and drizzling, it was a rather easy decision not to get out of bed and go for a run. Sunday's City2South will be all the harder for it though.

I still managed to get going relatively early, and made a start on the cleaning before my chiropractic adjustment. My massage guy is on a holiday in Bali, so that freed up a bit of time for me, and I managed to get the cleaning done relatively quickly, whilst also making a few phone calls to catch up with family.

I used the extra time up my sleeve to do some more work on the current module's assessment that I'm doing for my real estate licence course.

I drove to Kindergarten to pick up Zoe. We'd talked yesterday about Megan coming to our place for a play date today. Jason didn't have the car seat with him, so he had to drop Megan off in his car instead of Megan coming home with us.

Zoe's been wanting to make a robot with some of the stuff she got from Reverse Garbage last week, so the girls started out working on that, but then they wanted to blow bubbles. After that they just played randomly and terrorised Smudge a bit.

Mum was admitted to hospital today for 5 days of intravenous antibiotics for pneumonia, so I invited Dad to come around for dinner. He arrived while Megan was still here.

Jason picked up Megan and then we had dinner. Unfortunately I managed to hit Zoe in the head with one of the dinner plates as I was bringing it over from the kitchen counters to the dinner table. It was one of those annoyingly avoidable accidents where if she'd only gone and washed her hands when I asked her to instead of deciding to fool around behind me in my thongs, she wouldn't have been behind me when I turned around with a plate in my hand. It would appear that I carry dinner plates right at Zoe's forehead height. A bit of time with her Boo Boo Buddy got the swelling down, but it derailed dinner a bit.

Dad left shortly after dinner, and we had a nice bedtime. Zoe's current favourite library book is Ganesha's Sweet Tooth, which is quite an enjoyable read. It was good having Anshu here the other night, because she could at least pronounce Mahabharata properly for me.

I just love the books that Zoe randomly chooses from the library. There Is A Monster Under My Bed Who Farts is one she's chosen on two separate occasions now, and last week she picked A Tale of Two Daddies, so we certainly get some diversity in bed time stories without me having a hand in the choosing at all.

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