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Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Day 132: Kindergarten, Court and not much else

Today was the divorce hearing. I didn't need to be present, but I wanted to anyway, so I took a taxi into the city and a ferry back home afterwards.

I didn't feel like doing much after that, so I walked Zoe's enrollment paperwork into Morningside State School and had some lunch at the Hawthorne Garage and read the paper for a change.

Sarah had advised me that Zoe had woken up early, so I should probably pick her up from Kindergarten in the car, so I drove over to pick her up. She hadn't napped though.

I had some paperwork to drop off to my financial adviser's office in West End, so we drove over there and dropped it off, and then back to Megan's house for a play date, after her tennis class.

After that we went home briefly until Sarah picked up Zoe.

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