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Friday, 06 June 2014

Day 128: Ballet, a play date and the Hawthorne Markets

My cold seems to have flared up a bit, and I didn't feel up for a 12 km run this morning.

Sarah dropped Zoe around, and I whipped up a batch of spinach and basil pesto for lunch, and we headed out to Kinderballet.

I used the time to mostly catch up on pressing emails and book some travel insurance for our trip to Atlanta and Austin next month.

After Kinderballet, we headed over to Megan's house for lunch, pesto in hand. The girls had fun playing dress ups and watching some TV, as well as fooling around in the under-construction part of their house extension. It's amazing how much fun a floating shelf and a beanbag chair could provide.

After lunch, we dropped Anshu's phone over to her (she left it behind this morning) and because we were in the right vicinity, we finally checked out Reverse Garbage.

I've been meaning to check this place since I heard about it a year ago, but just haven't had the chance. It took a bit of cajoling to get Zoe out of the car, but once she saw the inside, she was hooked. We managed to escape only getting $14 worth of random crap. Definitely a cool place for a browse.

My cold was really starting to kick my butt by this stage, so we chilled out a home for a bit until the Hawthorne Markets started up.

Eva and Layla met us at our place and we all walked down to the markets together. The girls had a bit of a jump on the jumping castle and we had some dinner there.

Zoe was pretty tired after a full day, so I got her down to bed a little bit early without any complaint. I think I'll be having an early night too.

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