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Thursday, 05 June 2014

Day 127: Camping and Caravan Show

Yesterday was crazy jam packed, from the moment my feet hit the floor.

First up, I had a great yoga class. As soon as that was over, I had to hurry home so I could drive over to pick up Zoe from Sarah's place. We headed directly back to Morningside station to rendezvous with Megan, her Dad and her little sister to head in to the Camping and Caravan Show.

Parking at the train station was a nightmare, so Zoe and I ended up parking a street away and having a bit of a walk. Megan and family met us, and we jumped on a train.

I've never caught the train to the exhibition grounds before (maybe as a kid for a school excursion, but I've forgotten), so that was something new. We changed at Roma Street and had to wait for a bit. The girls kept each other amused, and Pippa was happy to sit in the stroller.

We got to the exhibition grounds and had a look around. We never found the tent section (if there was one), but had a good look at the caravans and camper-trailers. I got to see the UEV-440 in the flesh, which was pretty cool.

With only 26 weekends a year and half the school holidays, I could never justify purchasing a caravan or a camper-trailer, it'd never get enough use, but it was fun to look and dream anyway. The girls had a great time crawling all over the ones that were open for inspection.

I did pick up a little camping chair and sleeping bag for Zoe. We had some lunch and headed back on the train after lunch.

We got back to the car relatively early, so we headed over to Carindale to buy a birthday present for one of Zoe's classmates who is having a 5th birthday party next month.

Zoe had previously been curious about the "tablet strollers" that you can rent from Westfield, and I thought it might be a good way to make for a quick and easy shopping trip, so I checked them out. At only $7.50 per hour, I gave it a go. I hate using a screen to pacify Zoe, and I wasn't really keen on the idea of wheeling her around the shopping centre with her head in one, but I told myself it was a special treat for being well behaving at the Camping and Caravan Show.

Zoe certainly enjoyed it. She played Angry Birds for the first time ever and liked it, as well as a bunch of other mind numbing non-educational games that she doesn't normally get to play, so she was happy, and it did make the shopping expedition very quick and easy.

I figured since I was out in the car, that I'd just drop Zoe back to Sarah, so to pad out the remaining time, we swung past Megan's house so Zoe could use the toilet and then over to Sarah's place. I think this was the first day where Zoe never came back to my place, we were out all day.

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