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Wednesday, 04 June 2014

Day 126: Seaworld

I wanted to do another trip to Seaworld before our annual passes expired, so today was the day.

Zoe woke up briefly last night around midnight, and the combination of the broken night's sleep and my cold hanging on made for a slower start than I'd have liked, but we still made it to Seaworld in time for the 11am Dora the Explorer show, so it was all good.

After that we went on the Vikings Revenge Flume Ride a couple of times and then determined that Zoe was still 5cm too short for the new Storm roller coaster. She is however now just tall enough to go on a "ride" with me where you basically pull yourself up using a rope and pulley and allow yourself to fall back down again. Exciting stuff.

I find that there's a massive gap in the program from 11am until 2:30pm, where it's difficult to find things to do. We had lunch and wandered down to the ropes area and mucked around for a bit and had a ice cream and eventually it was 2:30pm and we watched the Fish Detectives sea lion show, which I think Zoe didn't mind despite it requiring a bit of cajoling to get her to go to in the first place.

After that we had another couple of flume rides and then met Diego after the 3pm Dora the Explorer show.

It was about time to leave then, but we hadn't looked at the polar bears. Zoe had won a plush polar bear on an amusement after lunch, and so she wanted to show the baby polar bear her polar bear. The baby polar bear licked Zoe's plush polar bear through the glass, so that was cute. Zoe was pretty enthralled having a polar bear right up at face level for a while.

After that we finally made our way out. Zoe napped on the way back, and I dropped her off directly to Sarah's place.

It was a pretty good day out, but I find I don't like Seaworld all that much. There's a fairly limited selection of rides that Zoe meets the minimum height requirement for (and even then, a bunch were closed for maintenance) and the food seems expensive. I think the next time we go, I'll try to focus just on the animal encounters you can pay for. There's a few that are relatively inexpensive.

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