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Tuesday, 03 June 2014

Day 125: Kindergarten, startup stuff, doctor

I had a busy day today. Zoe was up moderately early, and so we were able to get to Kindergarten (by car on account of her persistent cough) relatively early.

After I got back home, I got stuck into some more modules for my real estate licence course, and then jumped on a bus to the city to have lunch with a guy one of the mentors at River City Labs had introduce me to.

Lunch proved to be very illuminating, and I've got a couple more introductions lined up from it to discuss things further. I'm pretty excited about this particular idea if I can cut through all of the red tape and government bureaucracy.

I took a taxi home, and the whole trip in and out worked out much cheaper than yesterday's $50 parking extortion, so I think a bus + taxi is a pretty good compromise.

I had a little bit more time before I had to go to Kindergarten, so I knocked out some of the assessment for the current module I'd been working on, and then drove to Kindergarten.

We had to spend a bit of time trying to track down one of Zoe's socks before we left, and then we headed over to the doctor to get Zoe's cough looked at. Zoe has a memory like an elephant, and remembered that this was where she got her flu shot, and wanted to know if she was getting another needle today. Once I reassured her she wasn't, she was fine.

The appointment went fine, and we did a spot of shopping on the way home.

We had a pretty uneventful evening.

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