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Monday, 02 June 2014

Day 124: Kindergarten and a whole lot of nothing much else

I started off the morning with a 12 km run. It was nothing fancy, but I was happy to last the distance, given I've still got the remnants of my cold. I'll try for another 12 km on Friday morning maybe, and then a 14 km next week and I should be good to go for the City2South.

After I got home and was about to get stuck into Debian stuff, a friend of mine wanted to have a chat on the phone, and it's been a while, so it ended up being an all morning kind of chat. It was good to be able to be an ear for her, she's had a rough time of late.

After that, I had to go get a skin cancer check, which always feels incredibly cursory for the money, and then head into the city to have lunch with Sarah to discuss some outstanding issues.

$50 for an hour and ten minutes parking later (casual parking in the city is just obscene), and I briefly swung by home for an IRC chat with a Debian co-contributor, before heading to Kindergarten to pick up Zoe.

Zoe was asleep, but mercifully woke up pretty cleanly, and we managed to have a meltdown-free departure from Kindergarten.

I wanted to pick up some LED bulbs and some kitty litter, so we drove over to Cannon Hill to do that. Zoe, as usual, had a great time roaming the pet store. Great free entertainment that place.

We headed home, and Zoe helped me change a few of the light bulbs in the stairwell before she got sick of it and went inside to watch TV.

We watched some TV on and off together while I prepared dinner, and we managed to have a pretty early bedtime routine, but I still only got lights out about 10 minutes early.

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