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Monday, 26 May 2014

Day 117: Kindergarten, Debian and some craft

Zoe woke up fairly early this morning, which wasn't particularly surprising, considering I put her to bed early last night.

We faffed around and I decided to drive her to Kindergarten, because she's got this cough, which I think is tonsillitis-related, which is pretty nasty in the mornings and evenings when the air is colder, and it sounded pretty bad this morning. I didn't want to bike all the way to Kindergarten and have her having a coughing a fit on arrival and get sent home again.

Drop off went well, and I spent most of the day doing Debian stuff as intended for a Monday.

I was going to pick her up on the bike, but as I was hitching the trailer, I had a sudden parental intuition that maybe her cough could have gotten worse, and so I decided to pick her up by car as well.

It ended up being a good call, as she surprisingly decided to nap today. She had the usual post-nap meltdown. Apparently Megan had been sent home because she was sick, and Zoe wanted to see her. 20 minutes later, we were out.

When we got home, we did some craft. We'd talked about making a tooth brush holder for Zoe's bathroom, and so we got stuck into that. Zoe painted a toilet roll, and I helped her glue one twelfth of an egg carton to the bottom.

While we were waiting for the glue and paint to dry, Zoe discovered a Styrofoam head that I'd bought, and proceeded to decorate it. I cut up some strips of crepe paper and she had a great time gluing that onto the head for hair.

After that we got all cleaned up, and Zoe watched some TV while we waited for Sarah to pick her up.

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