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Friday, 23 May 2014

Day 114: Kinderballet, Science Friday, play date with Eva and Layla

Today was a pretty full day for a Friday.

Anshu had the day off work, so she hung out with us. It was actually really nice having another adult around, and so I didn't feel guilty about doing a bit of extra cleaning up around the house, which worked out well in advance of having Eva and Layla around for a play date and dinner.

Sarah dropped Zoe around and after a little bit of TV we headed over to Kinderballet. The 45 minutes went very fast, and we came home again for some late morning tea. Zoe enjoyed playing with Anshu while I got started on making lunch.

After lunch we played a bit more and then headed over to Bunnings to get some Borax to make green slime for Science Friday. It had proved remarkably hard to find a brick and mortar store to source some polyvinyl alcohol from. I eventually found a local supplier on Etsy. There's nothing more sketchy than getting a zip lock bag of white powder in the mail.

Zoe was so cute at Bunnings. She wanted a sausage sizzle on the way in, and loves pushing around the kiddie trolleys there, so she was pushing around a trolley with one hand and munching on a sausage sizzle with the other hand. I couldn't think of anything more Australian.

We grabbed the Borax and headed home to make the green slime. I'd prepared the polyvinyl alcohol solution earlier in the day, so it was relatively quick to make. Zoe thought it was pretty cool.

Eva and Layla and their mum, Tanya came around at 4pm for their pre-dinner play date. The girls had fun, and at 6pm we all walked down the road to pick up pizza from Crust. The girls' dad, Jason joined us for dinner. It was a good night and the girls had a good time.

I ended up getting Zoe down a bit late with all of the excitement but she passed out immediately without a peep.

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