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Thursday, 22 May 2014

Day 113: Under 8's day at school, injury

Yesterday started out well, but we had a bit of an undesired incident.

I started the day with a great yoga class.

Sarah dropped Zoe around, and we walked to Morningside State School for their "under 8's day". I'm so glad that I went to the P&C meeting the night before, because it meant that a bunch of people knew who I was.

One woman who'd been at the P&C meeting took me under her wing, and showed us around the school a bit. That was really nice of her. I met the principal and vice-principal again. The principal even remembered Zoe's name from the night before, which I thought was a lovely touch. The vice-principal clued me in on the broadcast notification app they used, so I got all hooked into that while I was there.

They had 16 stations around the school set up with different activities, and each participant child picked up a bag at the start. The bag had a sheet stuck to it with a grid with a box for each station, and the children collected stickers for each station they visited. The stations were a mix of art and craft type stuff.

The morning kicked off with a cheer-leading demonstration, which Zoe was pretty enthralled by. One of the stations was cheer-leading, and Zoe wanted to go back to that and play around with some pom poms and get lifted up in the air. I can see cheer-leading in her future, maybe.

Overall, she was a bit overwhelmed by the volume of kids and noise, and just wanted to have a swing, but we covered a bit of the school and the activities. I'm so glad that I found out about it before it happened, as it was a great opportunity to check out the school and meet some of the teachers. We managed to meet two out of the three possible Prep teachers Zoe will have next year. I really liked the sense of community the school seemed to have.

I had to be in the city for a suit fitting by 11:30am, so we walked back home and drove into the city.

It was after the suit fitting that things took a bad turn. We were in a glass elevator, going down, and I held Zoe up so she could better take in the view. She was holding herself up with her hands against the doors. When we reached the ground floor, the doors opened very quickly, taking her hands with them, and her right hand got pinched in the gap where the door retracted into the side of the elevator.

It all happened really quickly, and I didn't realise she'd hurt herself until she started screaming well after the doors had opened, and I turned her hand over and saw that she'd torn skin on two fingers and her palm.

Luckily, I had my Dad Bag with me, which includes band aids, so I was able to get the wounds dressed within a couple of minutes of it all happening, which was good both psychologically for Zoe, and it also would have gotten very messy because they were bleeding a fair bit.

Zoe was pretty upset, and just wanted to go home, so I decided to scrap lunch and go back to the car and leave. I'm glad we did, because the one hour's parking cost a jaw-dropping $46. I'd hate to think how much it would have cost if we'd stayed in the city for lunch.

We got home, and I wanted to wash her wounds properly. I thought she screamed loud when she got needles. Poor kid.

We had a pretty quiet afternoon after a late lunch, and mostly just pottered around the house, until Sarah picked Zoe up.

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