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Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Day 111: Kindergarten, startup stuff, some craft and baking

The problem with going to bed buzzing from a really good day is I can't switch off. I had a terrible case of insomnia last night. No amount of meditation could quiet my mind.

Zoe slept well but woke up a bit early today. I was already awake, so we had a nice leisurely start to the day. She wanted to watch some TV before breakfast, and since it was relatively early, I let her while I had a shower, and then we made some porridge.

We biked over to Kindergarten and I left the trailer there for pick up, and had a nice leisurely ride back home.

I spent the day doing assessment for the second module of my real estate licence training. The third piece of assessment was extremely time consuming, and involved a complex Word document, which, not having Microsoft Word, proved rather challenging.

I biked back to Kindergarten to pick up Zoe, and we came straight home. We did a bit of craft first up. Zoe and I enjoy watching Mister Maker, and he's forever doing stuff with painted empty yogurt containers, so I kept a couple of them. I thought we'd try making a snow man today, since I have some appropriately sized styrofoam spheres. Today, we painted the yogurt container, which digressed into some hand painting and general mess making.

After that, I got a text message from Frankie's mum inviting Zoe to a play date tomorrow morning. Frankie is another of Zoe's Kindergarten friends, who conveniently lives a stone's throw down the road. I thought we should do some baking for that, so we whipped up some walnut and white chocolate biscuits, since I managed to have everything on hand except coconut, and I'm not a big fan of dessicated coconut in my baked goods anyway.

After that, we had some dinner and after dinner wandered down the road for a babyccino and shared a yogurt.

Bedtime went smoothly, and she's still not game to sleep in the top bunk. It may be a while before she's ready to host a sleep over yet.

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