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Thursday, 15 May 2014

Day 106: Car service and some bicycle practise

Zoe woke up at 4:30am because she'd lost her pillow. One of the downsides of the current bedroom configuration is that her bunk bed only has one long side against a wall. I hope this doesn't become a regular thing or I'll have to rethink the layout. I got her back to bed relatively easily, but I couldn't get back to sleep.

She then proceeded to sleep in until 7:30am, which was lovely. I should have used the time a little more efficiently, because we didn't end up getting out of the house to run and errand and drop the car off for a service until about 10am.

Despite Zoe's sleep in, she still seemed pretty tired, and my grand plan of dropping off the car and then scootering to Teneriffe to take the ferry across the river and scooter home was foiled. We ended up killing a couple of hours in the customer lounge of the dealer while they serviced the car.

The time went surprisingly well, really. Zoe amused herself for the first little while, and I got to read the newspaper for the first time in ages. Then we played with the Duplo blocks they had there for a while, and generally fooled around.

We made it home for a late lunch with no tiredness or hunger induced meltdowns from either of us, so I was pretty happy with how the morning went.

After lunch, we went for a stroll down to the Hawthorne Garage to get some bits and pieces for dinner and then Zoe had been asking to practise riding her bike. We did that in the garage for a bit, both with and without pedals on the bike. She's tall enough now that she can scoot around on the bike sans pedals, and I think she got a bit more confident today.

By that time it was about time to start on dinner. I made the Thermomix shepherd's pie for the first time, and it turned out very tasty with lamb mince. Zoe seemed to like it.

I got her down to bed a little early, without incident. Fingers crossed she sleeps well tonight, because we need to be out the door for ballet earlier than we were today.

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