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Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Day 105: Kindergarten, cleaning, not a lot else

Today was busy but pretty uneventful. It was cleaning day.

I had my chiropractic adjustment first up, and then got stuck into the cleaning. I had a guy coming out to give me a quote on solar and air conditioning for the bedrooms, so that took up a chunk of time. I'm pretty keen to get solar, since it's so cheap, if I can figure out how to get the body corporate to be on board with it.

I got the cleaning done and scurried off for my massage and quick bite to eat before heading to Kindergarten early for the monthly Parent Advisory Group meeting. It was poorly attended, and the chairperson had tendered her recognition, and I somehow managed to get suckered into becoming the chairperson. I'm not overly thrilled, but it doesn't seem to be a huge amount of work. The PAG seems to mostly be focused on fund raising anyway, and there's a fund raising subcommittee.

So I'm the chairperson of my body corporate and now the PAG. I seem to be collecting chairs.

There was a play date at Megan's house lined up for after Kindergarten today, and so Zoe and I headed over there. Megan's Mum was working from home, and she offered to drop Zoe around when they were going to pick up Megan's sister from day care, so I popped home for about an hour to do some more study and put dinner on.

Zoe apparently slept poorly the previous night with Sarah, so I tried to get dinner on the table early so that I could get Zoe to bed a little earlier than usual.

Despite my best efforts, Zoe managed to eat up most of the time saved by procrastinating, wanting to swap from the top bunk to the bottom bunk (I can see this getting old quickly) and wanting to call her mother to say goodnight, but I still managed to have lights out a little earlier than normal.

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