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Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Day 104: Kindergarten, running, startup stuff, swimming

Today was a pretty quiet day. I got up this morning and managed to force myself to run 10 km. The time was atrocious, but I was happy I lasted the distance. I'll work on the time for a few more runs, and then up it to 14 km, and I'll be good for the City2South.

I managed to spend the day working on my startup. I mostly finished one module of my real estate licence training, I just have to do the online exams for it, which I might try and do tomorrow.

I also had a Hangout with one of my friends in California. It was nice to have a decent catch up with him, despite all the technical difficulties.

I biked to Kindergarten to pick up Zoe. She had a make up swim class scheduled for 3:15pm, so we had some time to kill. Zoe crashed Megan's tennis class and did the warm up with her, and then we biked to the pool, and we biked home.

It was pretty late by the time we got home, so we just chilled out and watched some TV before Sarah came to pick her up.

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