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Monday, 12 May 2014

Day 103: Today's Debian efforts

I had a really productive day today actually working on Debian, as planned for my Mondays.

I'm still working through my list of packages, trying to get them all vaguely up to date for jessie. It's mostly just addressing Lintian issues that mostly revolve around old standards versions, with the occasional new upstream release. I've also been doing bug triage where the bugs aren't overwhelming.

Today I made uploads for pssh (a new upstream release), pymetrics (mostly just a rebuild), rcs-blame (mostly just a rebuild) and simpleproxy (mostly just a rebuild).

I need to revisit simpleproxy, because I'm having problems convincing the resulting binary to be linked correctly for relro. It's weird, because I'm doing everything I'm supposed to be doing and I can see all the other hardening flags being passed in except for this one.

I really like simplifying down debian/rules using dh, that really makes things readable. You can see the useful stuff without losing it in all the boilerplate. For some reason I was never a fan of CDBS, but I'm quite liking dh. I think it's because it's less opaque than CDBS.

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Day 103: Kindergarten, Debian, play date

Zoe had a massive sleep in this morning. She didn't surface until 7:30am, which made getting to Kindergarten remotely on time pretty much impossible.

She did do a pretty good job of getting ready relatively quickly though, and if it weren't for the slowest bowl of porridge ever, we might have gotten away pretty quickly. At least she was a good sport about not watching any TV.

I managed to use the day for Debian work, and got quite a bit done.

I'd lined up a play date with Zoe's friend Mackensie in the afternoon after Kindergarten, so I biked to Kindergarten to pick her up, and we biked directly to Mackensie's house.

At pick up, I met another mother of a girl, Daisy, who lives relatively close by. Apparently Daisy talks about Zoe all the time. It's crazy, going by what Zoe says, you'd think she only ever played with Megan. So I've got her number, and hopefully we can have a play date in the near future.

Zoe hasn't seen Mackensie for a while, and the girls had a great afternoon playing. Sarah picked Zoe up directly from Mackensie's house, and I biked home. I killed the time before yoga class playing around with the Beaglebone Black I recently purchased. The plan is to free up the Raspberry Pi so I can use it with the TV for doing something interactive with Zoe. I'm not exactly sure what yet, but I'm hoping it will also involve the MaKeyMaKey.

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