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Friday, 09 May 2014

Day 100: Kinderballet and a whole lot of making it up as we went along

I managed to drag myself out of bed and do another 5 km run before Sarah dropped Zoe around. I'm still running it at a pretty sluggish pace compared to what I'm used to doing. I'll try for a 10 km one on Sunday morning I think.

It was a pretty nice morning, so as soon as Zoe arrived, we walked down to the Hawthorne Garage to get some bananas as a diversion from watching TV straight away. When we got back, I got her into her ballet stockings and leotard and she watched a little bit of TV until it was time to leave.

I'm really loving the new Google Maps. It looks like they've integrated some of the Waze technology into, so now at various turning points, it offers the ETA variation if you take a different route. I was able to shave a few minutes off the drive to Kinderballet using it.

I've decided I'm really liking the 45 minutes to myself. I was able to finish reading a book, the current month's Child magazine (which I really love flicking through), make a call to a patent attorney and field a couple of other calls.

I didn't have anything specific planned for the rest of the day, so we just sort of winged it. We busted out one of her birthday presents, which was a large floor jigsaw puzzle. I had to suppress my aversion to jigsaw puzzles so as to not taint Zoe, and she had a great time with it. I didn't need to help her too much either. It was actually pretty fun doing it together.

For Science Friday, I went with a physics one today, out of 365 Science Experiments. We stuck a marble inside a balloon and wizzed it around and observed how it continued spinning once we stopped spinning it. After that, we had fun throwing the balloon around with the marble spinning inside and watching the effect of its motion. I regretted not thinking of this while I still had a helium tank.

We did a bit more mucking around with a couple of balloons on the back balcony, with Zoe trying to pop them with some leftover dowel from the clothesline I made for her. That kept her entertained for a bit.

I made Zoe a cubby house out of a sheet and the dining table chairs. She enjoyed that and I gave her some pots and pans to play with in the cubby house. She did some pretend baking in the cubby house.

I was flicking through a book Kim lent me, Fun and Games, looking for inspiration. I happened upon one where you use food colouring to dye dry rice. So we mixed some water and food colouring in four ramekins and proceeded to dye some rice. To speed up the drying out process, we spooned it into the mini muffin pan I've got and popped it in the oven. I'll use the rice for an activity another day, but just the dying process was fun enough for Zoe.

All of that and copious amounts of hide and seek got us through the day pretty easily in the end. After dinner, we went out for a babyccino, as it's been a while.

Zoe has braved the top bunk tonight.

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