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Tuesday, 06 May 2014

Day 97: Kindergarten and some startup starting up

Zoe slept for what was quite possibly the longest she's ever slept at my house. She didn't surface until 7:09am this morning, and I walked out of her room at 7:15pm last night. I think the combination of the cold weather and the new bed did it. I officially love bedSOK sheets. The late start to the day did make the morning a bit hectic. There was no time for Zoe to watch TV, and I was expecting that to be a major issue, but surprisingly it wasn't.

We biked to Kindergarten for the first time in a couple of weeks. I've had the bike serviced, and the chain replaced, so the gears were great today. It was all going so great that I was half way up the Hawthorne Road hill before I realised I wasn't in the lowest gear.

I biked home, and then popped into River City Labs for my new member induction. I'm not expecting to darken the door much, but I will use the networking and mentoring that is available. I've already used it for my intellectual property legal advice.

After I got back home, I cleaned up the house a bit more and did a write up of my idea that I'm exploring the patent-ability of, and sent it off.

I discovered that there's a special promotion on .net.au domains at the moment, so I decided to snap up the .net.au equivalent of my .com.au and .com domain for the princely sum of $1.

Then it was time to bike back to Kindergarten to pick up Zoe. I biked back, and we headed back home. We pottered around and then Megan and her Dad came over so Megan could see Zoe's new room. Zoe seems to think that Megan having a sleep over is going to mean that Megan is going to move in permanently and borrow her pajamas and everything. Megan still has to sleep in her own bed all night for 10 nights in a row before she can come over for a sleep over.

We had dinner alone, and Zoe went to bed without too much fooling around. I've found that bed time runs a bit more smoothly now that I've put up a chart with all of the things she has to do before story time, and we pick out the stories to read at the beginning, so there's a more concrete goal to work towards. The incentive of putting stickers on the chart for each task seems to be enough to keep her on task.

Zoe was going to sleep in the top bunk tonight, but after lights out, she decided she was afraid and wanted to sleep back in the bottom bunk. I didn't push it.

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