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Monday, 17 March 2014

Day 48, Pupil free day, shoes, shoes and more shoes, ice skating, cut-throat shaving

Zoe's Kindergarten had a Pupil Free Day today. I think there's only that impacts the days Zoe attends Kindergarten for the whole year.

I'd wanted to make the most of the fact that her friend Mackensie wasn't in Kindergarten on a Monday either, and have a play date with her at Southbank, but her little sister was having sleep issues, and her mother wanted her to nap at home today, so we had to scratch those plans. Given the forecast maximum temperature was going to be over 30°C today, I thought ice skating would be a great way to escape the heat, but the rink didn't have their open session until 1pm, so we had to do something in the morning to kill time. I decided we should go shoe shopping.

Before we went to Westfield Carindale, we went to Officeworks to print out some more photos. Zoe really enjoys helping me with the self-serve printing kiosk, and is happy amusing herself at the kid's colouring table otherwise. I wanted some unusual size prints, so it involved one of the staff doing some additional faffing around with Photoshop for me. I'm rather amazed they'll spend the staff time doing that, when I only spend a couple of dollars on prints.

After that, we headed out to Carindale. Zoe's in that limbo between size 3 and 4 at the moment. I bought her some new size 4 Autumn/Winter clothes the other weekend, and after that, went through her wardrobe and did a big cull of all her size 2 stuff and any size 3 stuff that didn't fit terribly well. That just left shoes and jumpers to sort out, so we concentrated on them today.

First things first, we grabbed some morning tea at Muffin Break. They did a nice babyccino in a little china espresso cup, so Zoe enjoyed that, and we split a muffin between us.

Zoe took a fancy to some ballerina pumps she saw at Cotton On Kids. We bought a few pairs of socks and a pair of size 10 pumps, and she wanted to wear them from that point on, so we wore them to the shoe shop. Almost as soon as we walked out of the store, she ran into heel problems on one foot, so after a few rounds of taking a couple of steps and needing to refit the heel of one shoe, I convinced her to go barefoot the remainder of the way. At Shoes and Sox she got properly measured for some light up closed-toe shoes. Zoe absolutely loved them, and wanted to wear them from that point on.

Next we went to Target, and got a couple of jumpers. The kid's entertainment area was both a blessing and a curse. It was great for keeping her occupied when I needed to dash off and get some socks for myself for ice skating, but it was a negotiation challenge to get her away from it when it was time to leave. Toy Story 3 conveniently finished at just the right time.

We dropped into Pumpkin Patch to get some boots. Despicable Me was playing there. Zoe is absolutely hooked on it at the moment. I managed to prime her to leave at the end of a scene though. She did score a couple of stickers while we were sitting there chilling out watching the movie though, so that was nice. I love Pumpkin Patch, but my God, it is expensive. I could have dropped $50 on a dress I really liked there, but I managed to resist.

We decided to go back to Cotton On Kids to exchange the ballerina pumps. They didn't have any more of the style she'd chosen in her size, so we switched from gold glittery ones to red ones, which she wore out of the store. Cotton On Kids was also showing Despicable Me, so Zoe was very pleased.

Shoes are horrendously expensive in Australia. The Sketchers and the boots set me back $60 each. The pumps were a bit more reasonably priced. I think they were about $20. I hope her feet don't grow too fast.

After that shopping extravaganza it was lunchtime, and we split a spinach pide and had a quick fool around in the outdoor kid's play area and by then it was already after 1pm, so it was time to head to the ice skating rink.

We got to the rink by about 1:45pm, and I changed Zoe into something a bit warmer. She was so excited, because we've talked about going ice skating on and off for a while, but it's just not something we've gotten around to doing yet, because neither of the two rinks are particularly convenient to home, and they have slightly odd hours.

The rink had these slightly shorter than waist-height penguins that you could rent for little kids, so I rented one of them and Zoe pushed it around the rink, and got progressively better on her skates as time passed. We could also turn the penguin around and she could stand on the "feet" and I could push the penguin around by its head, which was fun for her, because we could get more speed up.

By the end of the session, she was confident enough to have a few stints without the penguin, and stayed up pretty well. She was pretty buzzed afterwards. Going during the week was great, because there were maybe 20 people on the ice, tops, so it was nice and quiet. Zoe wasn't much of a hazard to anyone. She loved watching a couple of guys speed skate, and a lady do some figure skating.

I'd booked myself a cut-throat razor shave at The Emporium Barber as a bit of a splurge, for 4:30pm, so we headed over there next. We got there a bit early, so I had a coffee, and Zoe had a juice while we waited. Then we discovered this dance apparel place a couple of doors down, that also had lots of fairy dresses and dress up dresses and whatnot. I asked on the off chance if they had ballet shoes, and of course they did, so we grabbed a pair of them while we were there, which was most serendipitous. Zoe has a trial dance class on Friday. She wants to do ballet or something of that ilk as her activity next term.

Zoe was really good while I had my shave, and kept herself amused with my phone, and then we headed home, where Sarah was waiting to pick up Zoe.

So it was really a rather non-stop, but nicely paced day. I'm looking forward to capping it off with a yoga class.

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