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Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Day 43, a lovely lazy day, until we got on the bike

Zoe slept through the night again last night. Two nights of uninterrupted sleep has been totally amazing! We had a slower start to the day because we didn't have to be anywhere.

I've been meaning to do a massive cull of Zoe's wardrobe for a while, and this morning seemed like as good an opportunity as any, so after TV, I managed to get Zoe to cooperate with trying on clothes for about an hour. She really enjoyed pulling everything out of her wardrobe and putting it all back again neatly.

After that, she asked me if I could make her a bus out of the last remaining moving box, so I managed to make something approximating a bus. The port-a-robe boxes are really rather handy for this sort of thing. The balcony is starting to look like a cardboard box shanty town, with a cubby house, a rocket and now a bus. I think we need to host a few more play dates so they all get a good work out.

It was time for lunch after that.

I'd had a bucket of caramel popcorn, which I used for the journey to Coochiemudlo the other week. Zoe had asked me how popcorn was made, so I had resolved to make popcorn with her sometime soon.

Yesterday at the health food shop, I opportunistically noticed some popping corn, so I grabbed a small bag of it. It turned out that buying peanut oil was good for more than just making peanut butter, as it came in handy today for popping corn.

I've never popped corn before, aside from occasionally getting a bag of the microwave stuff, so it was a fun experience to do it "from scratch". It turned out pretty well, with only a few burned ones and a few unpopped ones. It'd be fun to try and dry out a corn cob and totally do it from scratch.

After that I tried to get Zoe to take a nap, but it didn't work out so well, so after her quiet time we cleaned up her bedroom and generally fooled around for a bit.

Throughout the day, Zoe did lots of little bouts of self-directed play. She dredged up this little wooden xylophone that we'd made in the US from a Kiwi Crate and had a great time banging away on it until she stood on it and broke it. The doctor's kit got a good workout. It was just a really nice, relaxing day at home.

Zoe's Kindergarten was having a play date meet-and-greet in the park, for all the parents to meet each other. It was a fair way from home, but there was a nice, albeit circuitous, bike path to get there, and I decided to try and bike there, without really properly estimating the distance or length of time it would take.

The play date was due to start at 3:30pm, and I was planning on leaving at 3pm. We were about 5 minutes late getting out of the door. I think it ended up taking us about 50 minutes to get there. It was a beautiful ride though, once we got onto the Bulimba Creek bikeway, through the Minippi Parklands. It would have been the longest ride Zoe's had on the bike, and she wasn't fazed at all.

The play date itself was nice. For some reason, I'm a bit shy about going and introducing myself to the mothers (I kept wanting to write "other mothers"), but I sucked it up and made a few introductions. I'm terrible about remembering names though. At least I've got a few faces I can say hi to at drop off and pick up now.

Sarah met us at the park and hung out for a bit as well, and then Zoe and her left together and I biked back home.

I was feeling pretty good, and thought I'd try and bang out a run when I got home, but I didn't end up having the fuel in the tank, and blew up after about 1.5km.

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