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Monday, 10 March 2014

Day 41, Running, Kindergarten, baking

I got up not as early as I'd have liked, and did the first 10km run I've done for a while, with my new shoes and the orthotics in them. It was a bit cooler, and despite not being particularly well hydrated, I lasted the distance, and managed to complete it in under an hour. I'm a long way off my best time at the moment, but I'm hoping as it cools down my running fitness will improve.

I ended up doing a bunch of startup-related stuff today, instead of Debian stuff. It felt good to make some vaguely forward progress, even if it was just business operations planning stuff.

I picked up Zoe from Kindergarten by bike. We'd both confirmed with her several times since Friday as to which mode of transport she wanted to use to come home, and she'd indicated the bike.

Zoe was asleep as usual, but woke up pretty easily. The Kindergarten has indicated that they want everyone out of the centre by 2:30pm, which makes it a bit of a challenge to rouse a deeply sleeping child and exit the centre in 10 minutes. I managed to sunscreen her while she was still horizontal, so that sped things up, and it helped greatly that she didn't have a post-nap meltdown.

One of her class mates and her mother were hanging around waiting for her big brother to finish school, and the bike trailer tends to be a good conversation starter, so we chatted for a little bit before leaving. It was nice to properly meet another parent, and I'm glad to see Zoe's started learning some of her class mates names.

I had a kale, carrot and apple juice for lunch today, and as I hate wasting the pulp out of the juicer, I'd previously found a nice muffin recipe that I could use the kale and carrot pulp in. I'd previously baked a batch of mini muffins for Zoe's lunches, and was pleased that she liked them. We were getting a bit low, so I thought we'd bake another batch this afternoon, so that's what we did after we got home.

Once they were in the oven, Zoe went off to watch TV and I made a start on dinner.

Bedtime went nice and smoothly tonight.

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