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Wednesday, 05 March 2014

Day 36, Kindergarten, cleaning and pee pee accidents in hardware stores

Today was my "clean the house" day. I made a start, then went for my chiropractic assessment and adjustment. I now only need to see him fortnightly, which is nice. I knocked out most of the cleaning, and then went for a massage and had some lunch. The next thing I knew it was about time to pick up Zoe.

I biked to Kindergarten, and she was asleep again. She woke up reasonably easily, but was grumpy not long after that. She was very uncooperative, and didn't want to go home on the bike, and wouldn't let me put sunscreen on her. After a bit of work, I managed to extract from her that she didn't like my "sweaty hands" from riding the bike there, so I washed my hands and then she let me sunscreen her up. I'll try doing pick ups in the car next week I think.

We got home, and I needed to get some more kitty litter, so we went out to Pet Barn. Zoe had a great time checking out all the fish, and also playing with aquarium decor. It got me thinking that maybe an aquarium might be a good birthday present for her, if not this year, maybe next year. It turns out that fish aren't particularly expensive, so they'd make for easy presents for people.

After that, we popped across to Bunnings, because I needed a couple of things. While we were there, Zoe announced she wanted to go to the toilet, so we started trekking off to where I thought the toilets were. Turned out I was wrong, and they were at the opposite end of the building, so we had to trek all the way back again. Zoe got all the way into the ladies bathroom and failed to make it onto the toilet in time, so that concluded our visit to Bunnings.

We got home and she got changed, and I started making dinner. While dinner was cooking, Zoe watched a bit of TV, and then I decided to try making some lunch box pies, essentially a piece of buttered bread jammed into a muffin tray with some creamed corn and bacon in the bottom and beaten egg on top, thrown in the oven. Zoe helped sample the bacon and cracked the eggs for me, while I buttered bread and cut the crusts off and jammed slices into muffin trays.

Bedtime was remarkably uneventful for a change.

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