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Monday, 03 March 2014

Day 34, Kindergarten, recovery, carpentry

I was pretty knackered today. I should have done some Debian stuff, but I just didn't have it in me, and I had a backlog of household stuff to get done.

Zoe woke up at 4am, and I didn't have the energy to try and get her to go back to sleep in her bed, so I just let her sleep in my bed. We both slept in until 7am, which was nice.

As a result, we didn't have as much time to have a slow start, and Zoe was a bit grumpy and uncooperative as a result. I think there was at least one meltdown before breakfast.

It conveniently rained around the time we were ready to leave, so we drove to Kindergarten. Drop off was super smooth. She pretty much waved me off as soon as we got there.

I picked up a couple of packages from the post office on the way home, and then started hanging out the washing before I had to go back to see the podiatrist to get my orthotics fitted in my new running shoes. I finished hanging out the washing and putting away stuff from the Coochie trip and Melbourne trip and had some lunch.

After lunch I started work on making a little step for Zoe so she can turn the light off in her bedroom. I had enough material left over from the clothes lines I made for her to make a really dodgy little "stool".

It rained again around pick up time, so I drove to Kindergarten again, and picked up Zoe. She'd just woken up from a nap before I got there and was in a good mood. Megan's Dad was picking up Megan on foot, and they were going to have a coffee at the local coffee shop, so we joined them.

After that, we went to the post office to check my post office box. I had a cheque that needed to be banked, so we went to the bank and the supermarket, and by then it was pretty much time for Sarah to pick up Zoe from me.

I did a bit more carpentry before I lost the light, and went to yoga.

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