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Friday, 21 February 2014

Day 24, Rhythmic gymnastics, BJJ, lunch with the great grandparents, Science Friday

Wowsers, today was a pretty full, but laid back day.

Zoe has this small wrist-sized ring with a bunch of different coloured long ribbons on it that she got from a birthday party a while ago. She plays with it every now and then, and uses it to torment Smudge. This morning she was dancing around with it, and it made me think of rhythmic gymnastics, so using my trusty Chromecast, I dug up some Youtube coverage from the 2012 Olympics.

Zoe loved the sparkly costumes and the routines. The first video alternated between ball and hoop routines. Zoe went out and rummaged around her craft drawers and came back with a styrofoam ball and was using her crown from yesterday as a hoop. It kept her occupied for about an hour. I watched the first three competitors with her and she continued to watch it while I had a shower. I see a hula hoop in her future.

We biked over to her Brazilian Jiu Jitsu class and had another really good class. I think Zoe's really enjoying the mix of gymnastics-style activities and game play. She also got to tackle me today, which she thoroughly enjoyed. The instructor suggested we might like to try out one of the 4-7 year old proper martial arts classes, so we'll try that in the coming weeks. We biked home the scenic way again and picked up a few additional supplies for lunch.

When we got home, Zoe went off and played with some of her toys on her own. It's great that she's getting more independent and self-directed like that.

I'd invited Zoe's great-grandparents (on her mother's side) over for lunch today. I think it's wonderful that Zoe has great-grandparents who are still alive and able to be in her life. We had a nice lunch and they wanted to see the kinetic sand I'd blogged about, so we got that out after lunch for a play. Then Zoe wanted to watch some more rhythmic gymnastics with them, so we did that for a bit.

After they left, I swapped over to rhythmic gymnastics with the ribbon and clubs. The ribbon is my personal favourite one to watch, and I think Zoe enjoyed it too, because she immediately started waving her ribbons all over the place.

I trialled skipping her nap today, and instead called watching the gymnastics "quiet time".

After quiet time, we did our Science Friday activity, which was messing around with conductive play dough. Zoe had about as much fun just messing around with the play dough as she did running electricity through it, and enjoyed mushing the non-conductive white play dough in with the conductive blue play dough. We did a few experiments, notably one with three LEDs in series, and then shorting the play dough at either end of the series to see what it did to the lights. She enjoyed wearing her lab coat and safety glasses.

I'd wanted to do bottle rockets today, because we'd built a cardboard box rocket earlier in the week, and that seemed like a good theme to stick with, but I was ill-prepared, and it was too hot anyway. I want to do Diet Coke and Mentos and reuse the Coke bottles for the bottle rockets, so that'll have to be in a few weeks' time.

I prepped dinner on and off while Zoe played with the play dough, so it was all ready to pop in the oven nice and early.

After I cleaned up the mess from the play dough, we played with her coloured peg board game for a bit, and then she wanted to see how the sofa bed folded out, so we did that I used it as an opportunity to give it a thorough vacuuming. After that she watched a bit more TV while dinner was in the oven.

After dinner, we walked down to the Hawthorne Garage for a babyccino. Zoe had to pat every dog that crossed our path.

Zoe didn't seem too worse for wear for having dropped her nap (which was to be expected, it's only a recent phenomenon for her to nap at home), but she was showing signs of possibly coming down with a cold (being a bit sniffy, without having obvious signs of a runny nose) so I put her to bed about half an hour early. She went down pretty easily, which was a pleasant change. I did miss the 2 hour opportunity to get things done during the day though. C'est la vie.

The thing I liked most today is Zoe's independently going and playing with toys that she's had for ages, but not really shown much interest in. She's had this Melissa and Doug board with interchangeable sheets with animals on them and a bunch of different colour octagonal plastic pegs that you're supposed to match the coloured pegs to whatever colours are on the sheet you put on the board. We did that this afternoon, and this morning she played a lace up game where you thread shoelaces through some thick cardboard outlines of animals. I think she got both for Christmas in 2012.

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